Birth nameVictor Gurrola, Jr. 
Also known asVG Skillz
OriginHouston, Texas, United States
GenresHip hop
Southern Hip Hop
Years active1999–present
Enemy Soil South
Monster Musick Group
Associated actsArmy of the Pharaohs
S.W.A.T. Product Music
Vinnie Paz

Victor Gurrola, Jr. better known by his stage name V-Zilla (formerly VG Skillz), is an underground rapper and producer from Houston, Texas. He is known for his unique style of rap which combines East Coast hip hop with his Native Southern Hip Hop. In 2010, Zilla became a member of hip hop supergroup; Army of the Pharaohs founded by Jedi Mind Tricks frontman Vinnie Paz.


Coming out of Houston, V-Zilla got his start posting music online. He was discovered by Swedish producer Moonshine, leading to his successful 2001 debut album, E.X.H.A.L.E., which stands for Everyone Xpects Hate and Love Emerges. Lockdown Sessions followed in 2004, and 3 years later he joined forces with Houston locals S.W.A.T. Music Project, switching up his style to the more traditional Southern-Hip Hop style with his collaboration album Empty Bottles and Full Ashtrays in 2008. 

Returning to his more lyrical, East Coast–influenced roots, he mounts a comeback with Interview with a Monster, letting it be known that his previous style was a "gross miscalculation" and that he is going to make music the way he feels and marks an official return. Many of the tracks on this album were self-produced, the album release comes with the tracks Most Incredible, The Rain, Duck Down with Reef the Lost Cauze, and Flatline featuring Vinnie Paz and Blacastan. On 4 January, 2013, Zilla released his debut EP titled The A.D.D.I.C.T. It contained self-produced tracks and production from Swedish producer and long time friend Moonshine. V-Zilla is set to make his first appearance with Army of the Pharaohs on their fourth studio album; In Death Reborn slated for a release on 22 April, 2014.


Studio AlbumsEdit

  • W.I.S.D.O.M. (2000)
  • E.X.H.A.L.E. (2002)
  • The Lockdown Sessions (2004)
  • Empty Bottles and Full Ashtrays (2008) with S.W.A.T. Product Music
  • Interview With a Monster (2011)

Extended PlaysEdit

  • The A.D.D.I.C.T. EP (2013)

Collaboration AlbumsEdit

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