Stephon Keith Torney is an american rapper, also known as Yung Trensetta. He is currently unsigned, but has a DJ named DJ Conflict. Yung Trensetta is 13 years old & DJ Conflict is 12 years old. They are from Chesapeake Beach, Maryland. They are currently working on there first album "Reaching Every Dolla". They also are working on several other projects. On June 10, Yung Trensetta confirmed he will make diss tracks on Shawty Lo, or as they call him, "Shitty Hoe". DJ Conflict is also an american producer, with his own record label named "Get Gwap Entertainment". Conflict said "I am working on mixtapes with Yung Trensetta & creating mixtapes of unreleased songs of signed rappers". Yung Trensetta's first single will be called "Pass Me Da Gwap". He has created lyrics for it, but has not found a beat good for the song yet. They have streamed the song on Limewire & other free music sources. Yung Trensetta said "DJ Conflict isn't much of a hip-hop rapper, but has a great voice and we are a hip-hop band".



  • 2009: Reaching Every Dolla


  • 2008: Reaching Ever Dolla: Mixtape

EP AlbumsEdit

  • 2008: There is No Mo Lo

Stuntin iz a HabitEdit

  • 2008: Stuntin iz a Habit Vol. 1
  • 2009: Stuntin iz a Habit Vol. 2
  • 2010: Stuntin iz a Habit Vol. 3
  • 2011: Stuntin iz a Habit Vol. 4


  • 2010: R&B + Hip-Hop = F.2.D. (w/ DJ Conflict)


  • 2008: There Is No Mo Lo (RoboKoped Edition)
  • 2008: Reaching Every Dolla: Mixtape (RoboKoped Edition)
  • 2009: Reaching Every Dolla (RoboKoped Edition)