Jimmie Reynolds III (Born December 30, 1991) is a solo, entrepreneurial, collegiate, self-made American Rapper who began his passion in writing music since the age of 11. Jimmie Reynolds III, who goes by the name "King Reynolds" was born and raised in the inner city of Toledo Ohio for the first 17 years of his childhood. At the age of 18 he went straight into college. Jimmie attended Northern Kentucky University in the Fall 2010 semester and graduated with his Bachelor's Degree in English, minoring Theater with a 3.0 GPA. He also earned his Associate's Degree in Integrative Studies in May, 2014. King Reynolds has 8 albums released on big music distributional sites like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, GooglePlay, etc.. 1st Album "Life Only Gone Get Better" (Released in 2012) 2nd Album "Life Got Better EP" (Released in 2013) 3rd Album "Listen To This Book (Released in 2013) 4th Album "Let The Kids Listen: Hip-Hops Saviour" (Released in 2014) 5th Album "Life Only Gone Get Better 2" (Released in 2015) 6th Album "Confidence Believe Self (Released in 2015) 7th Album "The Poetry Album: My Education Came 1st: Remix (Released in 2015) 8th Album "The Kids Who Didn't Listen Carefully: Hip-Hops Saviour 2 (Released in 2016) King Reynolds travels city to city getting his music out to the public. He performed at his 1st paid concert in Seattle, WA on August 25, 2016. The video of his 1st paid show in on his YouTube Channel. He also has a collaborated video of him being homeless while getting through school surviving. Jimmie Reynolds III has his own business cards, a King Reynolds clothing line, and plans on getting with a team to produce his 1st designed shoes. He's also working on getting in Albums in the stores. Jimmie Reynolds III wrote all of his music, produced his own beats, and recorded his own songs using Fruity Loops. His latest Album titled "Let The Kids Who Didn't Listen Carefully Hip-Hops Saviour 2" released on July 4, 2016, was produced on FL Mobile Studio using his Apple IPod Touch 5th and 6th Generation, in which he recorded while being Homeless in Kentucky, Ohio, and Idaho. Almost 200,000 views on vine with nearly 3,00 followers. Over 150,000 views on YouTube with over 600 subscribers. Over 50k following on twitter. Over 500 likes on Facebook. Over 1,000 fb friends. Near 5,000 followers on Instagram. #KingReynolds is the man. #GoogleMe! 8 albums on #spotify #googleplay #itunes #etc who's numbers are beating mine overall in this new game?