• Jordan910

    My Freestyle- Jock

    November 3, 2012 by Jordan910

    Ya' know what, you're a dick,

    You're like a mother-fucking tick,

    Your lifestyle makes me sick

    So keep on being a prick

    Pretty soon these fools will understand

    That you are just a bitching cock

    Your stereotypical jock

    Bully new kids on the block

    Who have braces but will have a job someday

    While your doin' pot in yo mama's basement

    Wishin' things were the way

    That they are today

    But pop-lar-ty will mean nothing in ten years

    Because the kids that you called "queer"

    Will be married and slaphappy

    Because they got good grades

    And never cared about swag

    Never boasted or bragged

    Because all those kids that are bullied

    Outcasted because of you,

    Have always had something else to do

    Than sit around and make fun

    Of people who are smart

    Worked hard at getting somewhere

    While …

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