Cam real name is Camren Tamayo is a rapper from Houston Texas. He has been featured already in Magazines for his hot single Dem Boyz Gone Hate his recent single I Done Came Down has had a lot of success. He has a lot of fan base in U.K., California and Texas. He started rapping when he was 17 however never released any of his music until 2019. All of his tracks are made by free styling in the booth with little writing. If you have listened to his tracks you can really tell that he is influenced by DJ Screw music. He grew up around a lot of music, his father loves music as much as he does and you can tell he has by the variety in his tracks such as harmonizing as well as story telling to bragging about his lifestyle. Cam has had such great success with music making, thousand view his music and he has received great feedback on his music. Read more with links below.

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