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Dave Strider, also known as BigDaddy69, is the main character of the Christmas Movie, Home Alone. In Home Alone, he playz our blonde haired protagonist, Kevin Mccallister. WHO FUCKING EDITED THIS LMAOSOSOAOS STOPPP

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Rap songs[]

Song: ima knight by Dave strider prod. Equius

lyrics: "you sound wound up but my gears are airtight steer clear a the seer and the knight if youre scared of unfair fights youll drop like the staircase impaired, seein em spareds a fair fuckin rare sight for poor eyes like that millionaire whos pockets i mocked earlier hes paradoxically me but richer and surlier broke as his sword before his stock picks skyrocketed TG: worth more than all the chests lockpicked and gold croc bricks and boonbucks i pickpocketed fillin folios with millions im milkin to pad out my pockets more chock full than sad trollian villains cloggin my blocklist so thoughtful to popul -ate my slate with propositions to copulate to a spate of hemoerotic hotpix which i posit you got shit of that nature in spades as my shades got you locked in spyin a guy whos eyed more cocks and dicks than i got clocks and they got ticks i fucked your mom."



The Ben Stiller Shades are a pair of shades worn in the Face slot.

The Ben Stiller Shades has 1 Viscosity.