There Is No Mo Lo is an Expansion by Yung Trensetta. It is about dissing Shawty Lo. The reason they are beefing with Lo is because they think he is very annoying and proves alot of nothing said by Yung Trensetta himself. It is there first thing they came out with and is expexted to be released July 31, 2008. It is produced by DJ Conflict & General of da Army. The viewers point of this album is taking beats from other famous rappers & dissing Shawty Lo with them. For example, DJ Conflict used "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" as a beat for his first song "Crank Dat Shawty Lo". It is a very catchy song and hit #1 song of 2007, so DJ Conflict used that beat. The people featured on the album is DJ Conflict and a member from their school. On June 24, 2008, F.2.D. (DJ Conflict & Yung Trensetta) created a new crew called "Shitty Hoe" for a dissing group.


  • 1. Crank Dat (Shawty Lo)

Unconfirmed TracksEdit

  • Lean Back (Freestyle)
  • I'm Zooted (Freestyle)