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The ILIAD at Putra Jaya, Malaysia


Alireza Parpaei (Born October 25h 1992) is an Iranian Rapper, song writer and Record producer, better known by his stage name "The ILIAD" or formerly "Master" and "Salirapper" who works as an independent artist and lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He started his music career from age of 14 and joining the underground Persian Rap industry. He was one of the youngest and yet well-known rappers in his city, Qazvin mostly due to his work with producer Farjad Taraj for a song called Maeshoogh E Majazi (Virtual Love) which featured Jazebeh and Esalat, two of his closest friends. After moving to Malaysia he left music for two years and returned to Persian rap with his political song, Begoo Be Man [Tell Me] which criticized the Iranian government led by Mahmood Ahmadinejad following the controversial election. his political records continued and next he recorded a song called "Dolat E Elahi" or "Divine Government" in English. Though the song was never released but it is said that, it will be included in his upcoming debut album which is called "Dreams come true-EP". He is an active artist on Reverbnation website and has peaked number 2 in the HipHop chart for Malaysia. As an independant artist, he works in his home studio and releases his songs through internet and social networks such YouTube and Facebook. He is currently working on his debut album which is set to release on October 25th 2011, which is his birthday and a collaboration album which is said to be a tribute paying to the greatest hiphop artists and is called, ILIAD-Music Presents : "The Greatest Hitz Re-Up".

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