Gatorz is a Toronto based street gang started in the early 1990's by young immigrants of Jamaican, Trinidadian and Guyanese descent living in the city's west end on Woolner Avenue and Jane Street. Previously a Crip neighbourhood, the Gatorz were formed and took the area and started their own gang, to combat the spread of the Bloods and Crips emerging in Toronto as of the late 1980's. The Gatorz still hold affiliation to the Crips to today. This caused the birth of the gang, since then they have been found in Graffiti across the City, and their Colors Green and Camoflauge were seen and their name grew quickly. The OG's of this gang still exist and use the term as "Original Gator" as a play on "Original Gangster". There is now a subdivision of what is known as the younger members named Junior Gatorz continuing the name of the gang in the city.

Gatorz have also been found in other parts of Ontario such as Windsor, Brampton, and several other areas west of Toronto as far as Calgary, AB.


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