Seaning (Australian Rapper)[edit | edit source]

Seaning (born Sean Collins, 09/05/2002) is an Australian rapper, songwriter and producer. Born in Alice Springs, Northern Territory yet raised in Darwin, Australia. He has released one official album, and several singles. By 16, Seaning had released his first official song, which was followed by a series of singles including his stoner anthem, Blazing Edge (2020) and began rising as a hip hop artist in the Northern Territory. Bizarre & Ill (2019) is Seaning's debut album, independently released in September, 2019. Intent on further pursuing a career in music, he goes on to produce tracks with the hip hop group established in Darwin, MSON (Making Something Outta Nothing)

Discography[edit | edit source]

Albums by Seaning

Mixtapes by Seaning

Singles by Seaning

  • 12:05 (2021)
  • Blazing Edge (2020)
  • Miss Perfect (feat. Seaning ) (2019) by Magoo
  • On The Hook (2019)
  • Sinister Growth (feat. Seaning) (2019) by Magoo
  • Ohh! (2019)
  • Gold Outta Nothing (feat. Seaning) (2019) by Magoo
  • My World (2019)
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