Renegades Music Group (formerly V Slash Records) was founded in 2011 by Jay Farr (formerly Maxx Ca$h) and Andrew D. The label struggled to make music up until the end of the summer of 2013, and then quickly after that the label began to blow up.

Formation & Beginnings (2011-2013) Edit

In 2011 after a string of successful lunchtime freestyles, two local rappers (Andrew D & Jay Farr) started a Rap Group by the name of V Slash Records. Over time the group turned into a full out record label.

Then CP & Casper Godfrey were signed not long after.

Struggle For Success (2013-2014) Edit

The first rapper signed after Jay Farr and Andrew D (who later left the label), was Jah'mez. Jah'mez also released the first song on the label which was a collaboration effort with Jay Farr. The song "Retreat" has been highly criticized as the worst song ever put out by RMG.

In December 2013, Jay Farr released the first mixtape on RMG titled "The Maxx Ca$h EP" which was very successful. After this in January 2014, Jay Farr then put together a RMG collaboration mixtape titled "Wave 1"

After Wave 1's failure RMG took a step away from working together and went back to solo projects. CP's debut EP, the "Not A Rookie EP" came out late March 2014 to see the most impressive number of RMG for the time. Jay Farr's "From Nothing" came out on April 20, 2014 only to see some of the worst numbers in RMG history.

Then RMG took a step back to the collaboration mixtapes releasing "Halfway" with literally no hype, because it was all cut tracks from the upcoming "Revival Of Rap" mixtape. Then Revival Of Rap dropped and saw very good criticism and decent numbers.

Road Of Glory (2014-2017) Edit

During the final processes before releasing Revival Of Rap, MTP signed to RMG. Due to his signing time however, he was not featured on Revival Of Rap.

Casper Godfrey then released his debut EP "Casper", which was met with much positive criticism and decent numbers.

On January 26, 2017 the group announced that they were splitting up to pursue solo careers.

Artists Edit

Casper Godfrey



Jay Farr


The Shadowz


Discography Edit

  • 2013 | The Maxx Ca$h EP | Jay Farr
  • 2014 | Wave 1 | Renegades Music Group
  • 2014 | Not A Rookie EP | CP
  • 2014 | From Nothing | Jay Farr
  • 2014 | Halfway | Renegades Music Group
  • 2014 | Revival Of Rap | Renegades Music Group
  • 2014 | Casper | Casper Godfrey