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The Reimliga Battle Arena (English: Rhyme-League Battle Arena) is a German-language online platform that serves to organize online rap battles.

Rules and History

In the RBA two rappers meet in a Battle. A Battle is usually made up of three rounds, each consisting of a return round. The Battles are evaluated by a jury, where each juror will award one point per round to the better rapper. The judges determined so on win, draw and defeat in battle. All rappers are performed in different performance classes in a table.

The Jury currently consists of Xerxes, teeweh, Jace, Just Jay, Ezkey, Hawkz, TakeDieEinz, Punjizz and 1ce, the DJ Jury, various test judges, as well as administrative posts kay, Xtra S.'n Tenda and tho.

The rhyme League Battle Arena comes from the rhyme league that has eV with the Hamburg rhyme League a registered association founded on 24 March 2000, the RBA still operates. The rhyme League comes from the newsgroup de.alt.music.hiphop (short "damh") and the platform should make it easier through features such as uploading audio files and rules the Battles. In addition to the platform and the newsgroup has long been the IRC channel in IRCnet Reimliga a fundamental communication channel of the participants. At the beginning of the RBA there were irregularly held rhyme League meeting. In the RBA over 70,000 Battles were fought since 1998. She has long been the most important platform for German Online rap battles.In the RBA numerous important rappers have gained some experience and thus learn some first notoriety. Participants included:

Notable participants

  • Entetainment (as "Crazy J" and "Faible")
  • 4tune (as Terence Skillz)
  • BattleBoi Basti (as battleboi basti)
  • Boz (as BoZ, now renamed Guybrush Threepwood)
  • Casper (as Monster Cody)
  • Coru (as "Coru")
  • Cro (as Cro, until his comeback in 2015 LYR1C)
  • Donetasy (as "Donetasy")
  • F. R. (As F. R.)
  • Hollywood Hank (as Dr. Hollywood, formerly faulty brain)
  • J. C. 61 (as "J.C 61")
  • JAW (as JAW)
  • EstA (as ESTA)
  • Keule of the 257ers (as a Keule 257)
  • Mob.Inc. (E.ZY as Vanilla Ice, Brasco as Mack Jigga)
  • K.I.Z. (Tarek as a son, as Nico Warmer brother, Maxim as a stepfather) 
  • Kollegah (as DERKOLLEGAH and young latino)
  • Lance Butters (as Lance Butters)
  • mcd (as "MCD")
  • Pillath Snaga & Pillath (as Pillath)
  • Pitvalid (as Pitvalid)
  • Private Paul (as KASH)
  • Rynerrr (as beer Fits)
  • Shneezin of the 257ers (as Shneezin 257)
  • Sorgenkind (as Nug)
  • Taichi (I)
  • Sun Diego (as "ninetyniner" and "capri_sonne")