Point Blank Souljahs are what's left of the now defunct Regent Park Crew who were once the main gang operating out of Regent Park in downtown Toronto during the 80's to late 90's. The Point Blank Souljahs operate out of the southern section of Regent Park and control much of the drug dealing in the surrounding area. Among the proliferation of narcotics, the PBS deals in extortion and the renting or leasing of firearms as well. Known in the city to be extremely violent, the PBS has gained many enemies over the years, but are currently engaged in an internal battle between former members who formed a separate gang called the Silent Soldiers. Their main rivals outside of Regent Park are the Project Originals gang from the Vanauley Walk housing complex. Toronto Police claim a local rap group barring the same name (see Point Blank) are active members and the centre of this gang, although they steadily deny any gang involvement.


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