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Natalac (rapper)
Sheldon Martinez Davis

"Natalac (rapper)"

Also known as Pimp of the Nation, Pimp of the City, Step Daddy, A Pimp Named Slickback, Neighborhood Nat, Nat
Birth date August 25, 1974
Birth name Sheldon Martinez Davis
Born in Jacksonville, Florida
Origin Jacksonville, Florida
Current City Jacksonville, Florida
Styles Rap, Hip-Hop, Pimp-Hop, Southern Hip Hop
Occupation(s) Rapper, Singer, Actor, Song writer, Trucker, Record Label & Truck Company CEO
Years active 1997-present
Label(s) Natalac Records, Urban Alliance Entertainment
Associated acts Benzino, La Chat, Drumlordz Shawty, JT Money, BankRoll Jonez, Sean Paul, Pgeezy, Kokane, Haze Karolina, Julio Foolio, Hoetester, Suga Free, Project Pat, Mikhail Muhammad, Mr Smith aka Bo$$ Money
Website Natalac.com

Sheldon Martinez Davis known by his stage name Natalac, is an African-American Musician, rapper, singer, actor, trucker and owner of Natalac Records and Natalac Express, a Freight & Cargo shipping company. He is famous for being a Pioneer of the genre Pimp Hop / Pimp rap in Southern hip hop & for his records Aint Nothin Like a Pimp thats Pimpin, Rates, Fire in Florida, Respect My Pimpin, Step Daddy and Pimp of the City to name a few. Natalac prefers playing in the U.S.A. and has been included in many projects and ventures.

Natalac is the only rapper that made his video STAAACKS in a real bank during Business hours with his own money, and he is the only rapper that drives his own 18 wheeler to his events and performances while delivering freight.

Early life[]

Born in Jacksonville, Florida, to Shirley and Lawton Edward Davis, Natalac took a keen interest in music from an early age. He started rapping when he was just nine years old and also played football at Ribault Senior High School. After completing his education, Natalac joined the Marine Corps, and soon after, Natalac Records.

Music career[]

Natalac started releasing music in 2000 with his first album, Do Whacha No U Shud, which became popular in Florida because of the song Fire in Florida a song about voter dis-infringement of florida votes between then vice president Al Gore and Governor George Bush. He then continued releasing music, and in 2005, saw his next commercial success, entitled Hidden Agenda. This album also contained Pimp of the City 1 of BET Uncuts wildest videos of all time, one of his most popular hits.

In 2010, Natalac released the album, The Answers. The next year, he released a compilation called The Best of Natalac. Natalac has also continued releasing several albums, and frequently collaborates with local artists.

Starting in 2011 Natalac released Mixtape South Carolina Exposed: The Best of South Carolina (feat. Dj Prince Ice) on Natalac Records. In 2012, he was featured on COAST 2 COAST MIXTAPE VOL. 183, hosted by Wyclef Jean, with artists Young Jeezy, Mary J. Blige, Nelly, Lloyd Banks, Rich Kidd, Gunplay, Kendrick Lamar, and Wiz Khalifa, COAST 2 COAST MIXTAPE VOL. 224, hosted by Kendrick Lamar, with artists T.I., Andre 3000, Natalac, Big Boi, 2 Chainz, Ludacris, COAST 2 COAST MIXTAPE VOL. 225, hosted by Yo Gotti, with artists 2 Chainz, Natalac, Rose Gold, Pacman. Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol. 244, hosted by Too Short with artists Glasses Malone, Game, Natalac, Nipsey Hussle, Problem, Kevin Wood, E40, and Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol. 247, hosted by Gunplay (rapper) with artists Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Wale, Natalac, Future, Pacman, Meezze, Ugly L, and Tayo Dollaz.

Natalac is currently signed to Natalac Records, his own label. He has appeared in numerous Movies like "Stargate" (1994) filmed in Arizona Directed by Roland Emmerich and "13th and Pine" (2022) filmed in Georgia Directed by Jeremy L Mincey. Also, Natalac’s "Pimp of the City" likeness was used as the pimp character "A Pimp Named Slickback" on the Adult Swim’s "The Boondocks", voiced over by Katt Williams, also starring in his own Feature Film "Pimp of the City".

Natalac has worked, toured, featured with national artists such as Benzino, Ying Yang Twins, Lil Ru, Sean Paul, La Chat, Tweed Cadillac, Pastor Troy, Project Pat, Suga Free, Foolio, JT Money and many more.


Solo albums[]


  • 2001: Fire in Florida
  • 2001: Chocolate Woman
  • 2001: Fire up the Freestyle featuring JV
  • 2003: Step Daddy
  • 2003: Stealin from a Deadman (Tupac Shakur)] featuring C-4 & Fuse
  • 2003: Pimp of the City
  • 2003: Rednecks & Country Thugs featuring Lil Ru, Snook Da Rock Star, Kollard Green, Flav
  • 2005: Money Girl featuring Blackhillbillie
  • 2005: Ain't Nothin' Like a Pimp That's Pimpin'
  • 2005: killing my heart (died in your arms tonight)
  • 2013: Peety weet straw (petey wheatstraw devils son in law)
  • 2016: Rates featuring Mr Smith aka Boss Money
  • 2016: No Chicken on my Dinner Plate featuring Haze Karolina
  • 2018: To Mi Thing featuring Sean Paul
  • 2018: Bridge This Gap featuring Julio Foolio
  • 2018: Respect My Pimpin featuring Drumlordz Shawty & Mr Smith aka Bo$$ Money
  • 2018: Rachett Misses (ratchet misses) featuring La Chat
  • 2018: Hoe Check II featuring The Last Mr. Bigg, Mr Flip, Project Pat, lil Brod, Devin Patrick
  • 2021: Never Comes Down
  • 2021: Run Tell That featuring Benzino & Mr smith aka Bo$$ Money
  • 2021: Back it Up featuring Nicole Marie
  • 2024: Trending Topic featuring Benzino & Mr Smith aka Bo$$ Money


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