Nappy Headz was a hip-hop group. Comprised of five members, they were known for their energetic and boisterous sound. The group gained regional success in Tallhassee, Florida where they put out several singles and one of their own, T-Pain, rose to fame. The group's name is derived from the fact that they wear diapers on their heads.


Gaining SuccessEdit

Nappy Headz came together in 2000 sharing the location they lived in as their constant. They gained rapid success when they dropped several singles that were both upbeat and hard. Both "Robbery" and "F.L.A." became regional anthems. The group gained mild attention within the community and used that in their favor to continue to produce and rap its own songs. T-Pain started producing and writing his own lyrics at the early age of 10, so being 15 was no struggle for him to increase the groups hit list. "Cotti" and "FLA BOYZ" were other singles that were dropped and enjoyed consistent play.

A Bittersweet EndEdit

By 2004 the group started to fall out of the eye of the community but with the success they gained one member of the group, T-Pain, took the oppurtunity to gain some solo success. He went on to start his own label Hard & B where he wrote and produced his own music. With the recent release of Akon's "Lock up" in 2004. T-Pain took it and made a remix entitled "Fucked Up". The song gained the attention of Akon who, after meeting with him, signed him to Konvict Musik.



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