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Maher Asaad Baker, AKA Maher Baker (In Arabic: ماهر أسعد بكر), a Musician, Producer, Author, Director, VFX artist, Graphic designer. Maher was born in Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic, He is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of solav.me team.

Maher started his career in 1997 with a dream of being one of the well-known artist in the world.

Maher studied at Damascus university, He quit studying and started his career in graphic design and visual effects industry, Maher has participated in many forms of production from visual effects, to directing commercials, promos and short films, He started his own team which has grown and widely participated in many projects.

His internationally awarded creative media has been recognized world-wide and continues to grow as SOLAV pushes the boundaries on content production.

Music career[]

Maher Asaad Baker started his career as a music producer in 2000 and has worked with variety of top musicians.



  • Enlighten me
  • Inevitable

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