Iron Shiek performing in 2003.

Iron Shiek, born as Will Youman, is a Palistinian American political underground rapper. Iron Shiek is against Arab discrimination, mostly because of his own ethnicity. He also supports anti-terrorism. Iron Shiek has toured internationally as well as released 2 albums. His music is a mix of traditional Arabic music and hip hop. He was born in Dearborn, Michigan, a small town near Detroit, Michigan. After his eighth grade year, he moved to a town with a small amount of Arabian Americans with much discrimination towards him. His parents sent him to protest the first Gulf War when he was only 12 years old.[1] Iron Shiek was influenced to rap by Public Enemy, KRS-One, and A Tribe Called Quest. In his adulthood as a rapper, he made a song called "The Tale of Three Mohammads" for a film by the same name. Iron Shiek is a Muslim.


  • 2003: Camel Clutch 2003
  • 2004: Yet We Remain
  • 2010: Alphahex[2]



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