Demigodz Records (sometimes credited as Demigodz Entertainment) is a record/entertainment company owned and run by rapper Apathy . It was originally made in 1990 by the original Demigodz rap group but since has been run under Apathy since he took control of the group. It is an independent record label company.


Currently Signed ArtistsEdit

  • Blacastan
  • [[Celph Titled]]
  • Chum the Skrill Guerilla
  • Emilio Lopez
  • Seamus Ryan

Previously Signed Artists

  • Eternia
  • L. Fudge
  • Metro
  • One Two
  • MC Rise
  • Spin 4th

Releases Albums

  • The Godz Must Be Crazier (2007)[3]
  • Killmatic (2013)[4]



  • Demigodz Sampler (2004) [6]
  • Demigodz Winter Sampler (2004)[7]


Vinyl Singles Edit

  • Don't You Even Go There / Well, Well, Well (12" Vinyl) (2002)[8]

Extended Plays

  • The Godz Must Be Crazy (EP) (2002)[9]

Partnership albums With Army of the Pharaohs

Charted Albums

Album Chart Peak
The Unholy Terror US Billboard Top 200 Albums[12] 179 2010
Honkey Kong US Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums[13] 40 2011
Honkey Kong US Billboard Top Heatseekers Albums[14] 7 2011
Killmatic US Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums[15] 39 2013
Killmatic US Billboard Rap Albums[16] 24 2013