Block 13 is a group of adults, young adults and youth who continue to grow together as a family looking out for one another in the Cataraqui, Fir Valley and Leyton Avenue sub-divisions of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Block 13 is said to organize neighbourhood functions and after school programs for youths in the area. However, police regard them as a "silent criminal organization" since some members of Block 13 have shown allegiance to the Crips gang. One of such memorable events, which took place in Cataraqui, was the 4 day strife; a local bar b q held as a community pride event along with area residence from Teesdale, a neighbouring community which had past conflicts with Block 13 members. It was rumoured that the conflict from these 2 gangs was sparked in the summer of 1999 when two members of the Block 13 Crips were caught extorting drugs from a Teesdale Crew member, which resulted in a brutal assault at Kennedy station. Although the conflict is officially over, and both Block 13 and Teesdale Crew represent the Oakridge community (Known as Scarborough South West), interaction between the two groups is rare.

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