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Eduardo Dávalos de Luna (Monterrey, Nuevo León, 16 de noviembre de 1976), más conocido como Babo, es un rapero mexicano, conocido por ser el cantante principal del grupo mexicano de hip hop Cartel de Santa.[]

Cartel de santa[]

From a young age, Babo wanted to be on the street all day. On one occasion a friend said he knew people who played only "for the party". Later he met Román, who would become the guitarist of the Cártel de Santa group. At the beginning of the live shows he realized that he needed support and it was then that he joined the Dharius group also known as "Tirano-D" or "D-H-A".

His first production was in 2003 under the title Cartel de Santa, which in addition to "Perros", managed to reach the songs "Todos mueren por mi" and "La pelotona". This album was followed by Vol. II, which included the singles: "Blah, Blah, Blah", "La Llamada", "El Arte del Engano" etc.

In 2014, Babo released his sixth album titled "Golpe Avisa", which included songs like "Doctor Marihuana", "Mensajes de Whatsapp", "Si te Vienen a Contar" and "Suena Mamalona" achieving successes mainly in Mexico. In 2016 the group released its seventh album titled "Viejo Marihuano", with hits like "Leve", "Culón Culito", "Soy Quien Soy", etc., entering the Billboard charts, reaching number 2 in the Latin Albums category.

legal issues[]

In April 2007, Babo turned himself in to police officers after accidentally shooting and murdering his friend named Ulises. According to the authorities of the municipality of Santa Catarina, El Babo, he tried to assassinate the group's driver, Juan Miguel Chávez Pimentel, with whom he had "old quarrels". The other version of the incident is that it was actually Juan Miguel Chávez Pimentel, who incited the Babo by firing towards the ground, after threatening him with death, but the bullet bounced on the ground, wounding Ulysses to death.

The Ministry of Public Security (SSP) of Santa Catarina said that the crime occurred around 8:40 pm on the streets of the Baltic Sea and Red Sea, Aurora colony, Santa Catarina. According to the authorities, Babo con suter tapia shot him by mistake against "Ulises", with a super 38 caliber weapon and also managed to hurt Chávez Pimentel in one leg.5

It was recorded by a judge for the crime of culpable homicide and the use of a firearm. In January 2008, nine months after the accident, he was released after paying a bond of 130,000.00 Mexican pesos.

He was also charged with manslaughter after nearly killing a man in a gang fight


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