43zla is a Serbian hip-hop group from Kotež, a neighbourhood in BelgradeSerbia. The group's original line-up wasTimbe and Ajs Nigrutin (members of the group Bad Copy). Their first singles were "1,2 akcija", "Kontrabas" and "De je kesa". Later, four more musicians, BvanaMoskriMikri Maus and Eufrat joined the group.



Origin of the name[edit]

43 is the number of the bus that frequents Kotež, the part of Belgrade where some of the members (Timbe, Ajs and Eufrat) live and the others (Bvana, Mikri Maus) like to hang out. The suffix "zla" means "evils" in Serbian. Phonetically, the band's name is pronounced chetres-tree-zla in Serbian. It has double meaning, since the ree-zla part (rizla) means smoking paper, so in Serbian slang it means 40 rizlas ("Četr'est rizla") or 43 evils (Četr'es tri zla). It was one album project which involved all the most popular hip hop MCs and bands from Serbia, such as Bad Copy, Beogradski                                                                                           Sindikat and Prti Bee Gee.


Sve Same Barabe (2004)Edit

1. Intro 
2. Ajs Nigrutin, Timjah - Nosite Se Svi 
3. Ajs Nigrutin, Timjah - Daj Rakije 
4. Ajs Nigrutin, Bvana - Septicka Jama,Smrdljive Sise i Muve 


5. Sky Wikluh MC - Ti Si Se Tada Mrdala (Skit)
6. Ajs Nigrutin, Timjah - Bicarke Se Karaju Sa Crnicima 
7. PKS - Medeni Mjesec
8. Moskri, Ajs Nigrutin, Sky Wikluh, Mikri - Izvinite 
9. Noyz, Ajs Nigrutin, Timjah - Nide Hedova Masnija
10. Ajs Nigrutin, Moskri, Timjah - Zakuv`o Sam Caj 
11. Eufrat, Timjah, Ajs Nigrutin, Moskri - Pljacka
12. Ajs Nigrutin, Bvana, Timjah - 100 Dzointa
13. Eufrat, Ajs Nigrutin, Moskri, Timjah - Svi Su Tu 
14. Buster G - Odrasto u hoodu 
15. Sky Wikluh MC, Timjah - Ti Si Se Tada Mrdala (Skit) 
16. Mikri, Ajs Nigrutin - Rokaj Snimaj
17. Ajs Nigrutin, Moskri - Jampi
18. Timjah, Ajs Nigrutin - Na Mikrofonu Kenjam 
19. Kibu - Nema Veze Bato 
20. Timjah, Ajs Nigrutin - Fantaziram Kojesta 
21. Kibu, Ajs Nigrutin - Pa Ti Sad Vidi 
22. Ajs Nigrutin, Moskri - Talambasa Mi Kobasa 
23. Ajs Nigrutin, Wikluh Sky - Ja Se Zovem 
24. Outro 


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